The Ilfracombe Academy expects all of its students (Years 7 – 11) to attend school wearing the appropriate uniform, any student arriving to the Academy in non-uniform or unsuitable footwear (see below attachment) will be asked to change into the appropriate uniform and/or may be sent home to change. Alternatively students could possibly spend the day in internal isolation, with a letter being sent home to parents or guardians. Please ensure your child attends the Academy wearing the appropriate clothing.

Boys Uniform

  • White Shirt

  • Academy Tie

  • Academy Blazer

  • Academy Jumper (optional)

  • Full Length Tailored Trousers

  • Plain Black Footwear

Girls Uniform

  • White Shirt

  • Academy Tie

  • Academy Blazer

  • Academy Jumper (optional)

  • Black Skirt / Full Length Black Tailored Trousers from Academy uniform suppliers

  • Plain Black Footwear

GCSE dance students may wish to purchase a black zip top for use in PE lessons only.


Students are not allowed to wear the following:

  • Training Shoes / Sandals / Flip Flops / High Heeled Shoes/boots

  • Jewellery (Excluding one pair of small studs / sleepers, small signet ring and a watch)

  • Denim / Leather garments

  • Extremes of fashion such as tight fitting trousers, leggings and hoodies

  • Facial Piercings

  • Bracelets or necklaces

  • Baseball caps / Hoods


For girls, Academy skirts and trousers should be purchased from uniform suppliers Chas N Pedlar & Son in Ilfracombe and Excel Embroidery in Ilfracombe. Where stock is not available it can be ordered.


If there are any financial problems in purchasing the uniform the school will support those families, please contact Mr Rogers at the school for advice.







Where to buy


27 High St, Ilfracombe EX34 9DA

01271 863509

Excel House, Wilder Rd, Ilfracombe EX34 8BS

01271 866655

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