Students Performance of ‘The Tempest’ Creates a Storm!

After the successes of previous performances ‘100’ (2014) and ‘The Bruce Kane Comedy Showcase’ (2015) we decided, it was time to raise the bar and raise the profile of Stage Right and what better way to do that than with a classic.

Five months, forty students, one classic Shakespearian text; the process of The Tempest has been by far the most challenging theatrical experiences faced by Stage Right since its formation in 2012.

The theory behind Stage Right is simple; student led as much as possible and incorporating all of the year groups in one unified company to celebrate all things theatrical. Whether this is through workshops, showcases or full scale productions, Stage Right does it all.

Our production of The Tempest aimed to create the world of aesthetic beauty described by Shakespeare in the text itself. In order to achieve this I have been fortunate to have an excellent student production team. Ryan Skelton (Year 12) has shared my vision from day one and proved himself an excellent assistant director. The music has proved an essential component in the production and Rachel Woolmer (Year 12) produced an incredible score, including original songs and notation which complimented the play so effortlessly. This was matched by some beautiful choreography from Bethan Caswell (Year 12) and outstanding costume design from Molly Hughes (Year 12) and set by Merrin Blackie (Year 11).

It has been rewarding to see so many students given a chance to take on lead roles and a number of students really stood out. Kieron Skelton’s (Year 12) portrayal of Prospero was excellent, as was Stage Right debutants Ollie Clark & Summer Stringer (Year 10) performances as Stephano & Ariel respectively. However, the real shining light of an already incredible cast was Jorge Bastos (Year 11) whose hilarious take on the role of Trinculo was further evidence of a real growing talent and someone who was simply born to perform.

The show was a huge success and it was incredible to see a cast so invigorated and full of adrenaline for a Shakespearian test. The Pavilion was full to bursting and the audience gave an ovation worthy of any professional production. It is truly humbling to see the students perform so well and I could not be more proud of each and every one of them.

Mr Richard Vale