Sixth Form Students Lead Events at Goldcoast Oceanfest

Around 50 of our Sixth Form Students gave up a day in school to lead 1500 year 6 pupils who had descended on Croyde Beach to participate in the Schools Education Day. They took control of the Beach Flags and Relays event, instructing the pupils and ensuring all schools completed the qualifying heats on time before the hard fought final . 5 other students took to the main stage to assist with the Zumba. With bucket loads of energy, enthusiasm and coordination they led the Zumba dancing from the stage showing the primary pupils how it should be done.

Joe Matthews, Outdoor Education Coordinator, praised the students saying ‘We are very proud of our Sixth Form students. They lead with confidence and enthusiasm to ensure that every year 6 pupil was actively involved. Their life and energy created a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who took part.’

Tim Spelman from West Down School spoke on behalf of the participating primaries ‘Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your students for all the hard work they have put in at Oceanfest this year. Over the past two years the contribution of the Ilfracombe Academy students has been outstanding.  They show high levels of competency when leading groups of primary children: knowing exactly what it is they are doing and how to go about it effectively.They are able to quickly form relationships with the pupils, whilst at the same time maintaining a level of formality necessary to lead well.  The students from Ilfracombe Academy are excellent role models for our year 5&6 pupils.  They inspire the pupils to work hard to achieve their goals and offer encouragement when they can see a pupil may need it.Academy students are always polite and courteous towards school staff and will go out of their way to help answer questions. Which is very useful at a large event like Oceanfest.’


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