Renowned Authors Visit the Academy

Well-known writers attending the local Appledore Book Festival have visited The Ilfracombe Academy to talk to students hoping to encourage and inspire the young people to become budding authors.

On Monday 14 September the author & screen writer Andy Briggs visited the school to talk to a group of Year 9 and Year 10 students.  Andy gave a very lively talk & screen presentation about how he became a writer, describing his books, including his re-working of the Tarzan stories, the and series (set in cyberspace) as well talking to the students about their writing. He encouraged them to develop their ideas and keep on writing as, without them, there will be no stories for tomorrow.

Then on Thursday 17 September, Carnegie Medal winner Tanya Landman, author of The Goldsmith’s Daughter, Apache, Buffalo Soldier and the Poppy Fields Mysteries delivered a creative writing workshop to a group of Year 7 and Sixth Form students. She spoke to the students about her life, her writing and what inspired her to become an author, explaining how she uses her own amusing and embarrassing experiences to create stories. Head of English, Angela Walsh said, ‘it is wonderful for the students to get a chance to meet a published author who can give them advice about their own writing. Tanya was a very entertaining speaker who enthused all of us.’