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Year 8 Geography Field Trip

Yr8 Geography Field Trip - Student Write Up

On Tuesday 1st October 2019, 25 Yr8 students from The Ilfracombe Academy embarked on a Geography Rivers field trip with their heads held high. They soon found out though, that they needed to keep their heads down due to torrential rain.

First, they drove to Blackmoor Gate to meet their 2 guides, Sally and Dave. Once they had arrived at the source of the River Lyn and River Exe, they were tested on some GCSE Geography keywords. Even a short ten minutes session off the coach meant everyone was soaked through.

After a quick drive half a mile down the road, then reached Farley Water – a tributary of the River Lyn. An 800m walk down to the river filled lots of wellies with water and made for lots of soggy students and teachers alike. They quickly collected data on how many meters an object could flow per second and then they all trudged back up the hill.

Once back on the bus, the rain stopped; typical British weather! They drove down to Lynmouth and after a quick change and a well-deserved lunch, they had a wonderful talk all about the terrible Lynmouth flood of 1952. The talk was held by a survivor of the flood which made it much more interesting. They were then shown a film which showed some devastating pictures of the ruins.

Afterwards they collected some more data on how fast the river flowed nearer the mouth. Finally, they went for a walk up the river to find out some more exciting facts about the river. We must all thank Mr. Nias for organising such an interesting field trip, but we all wish it hadn’t rained as much!

2nd October 2019

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