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Update on Chemical Spill

Dear Parent/Carer, I am writing to you to make you aware that there was a chemical spill today at Ilfracombe Holiday Park (formerly John Fowler’s). We were instructed by the Fire Brigade to keep all staff and students in the building whilst they stemmed the flow. We quickly put a plan in place and carried out their request. We have since been informed by the Fire Brigade that they have managed to stem the flow of gas to the point that they are happy for students to go to home under the following conditions: Students Walking Home

  • No staff or students are allowed to walk in the direction of John Fowler’s and so the side gate leading towards Ilfracombe Football Club will remain locked.

  • All staff and students will need to walk left and down the hill before going home

Travelling home by Car and Bus

  • Students walk straight to the vehicle and travel home

  • We have said to students that if that causes any issues in them getting home then they should approach students services at 3.25pm so that they can help to arrange a pick-up with their parents/carers

  • Please be aware that your child will possibly take longer to get home than normal due to the longer distance that they have to walk.

Regards Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers


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