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Uniform Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know, The Ilfracombe Academy are always looking to maintain high expectations and support our students to make the right choices. These choices may seem small but when these small choices are all implemented, they make positive and incremental differences to every student’s progress. This in turn will help our students to maximise their potential. These choices are often interrelated as highlighted in our school's last Ofsted report in 2017:

“There is some laxness in the wearing of the school uniform and this lack of attention to detail is reflected in the sloppiness in presentation of some pupils’ work, especially in key stage 4. This inconsistency is an area for improvement known about by senior leadership and steps are being taken to eradicate it”. (TIA Ofsted Report 2017)

It is now time to act on these points to ensure that our students consistently make the best choices with regards to their school uniform as it is an important part of our values and ethos of ‘Life in All its Fullness’. Uniform gives students a sense of belonging to our school, regardless of finances or background and it prepares them for the reality of working life and their future. Overall, most students wear the full academy uniform, look smart and uphold our high expectations.

Our uniform expectations have remained unchanged for many years. Please look at the ‘Students Presentation Policy’ to clarify. The January return does not outline changes in our expectations, just reinforcing them. Some of the common issues at this time are as follows:

· Students wearing tracksuit bottoms

· No blazer

· Non-black footwear

· Fake extended nails

· Nose piercings.

Return to school:

On our return in January, we are having a push with school uniform to support all learners in looking and feeling smart. We are having a staggered return and this gives us an opportunity to have a very thorough check. Any students not in full school uniform may be sent home to get the appropriate uniform or placed in our removal room for the day until we contact home to ensure it will be rectified.

Genuine reasons for missing uniform

We understand that there may be reasons for students coming into school missing items of uniform. For example, it has been misplaced and you are purchasing a replacement. In these instances please email your child’s Pastoral Co-ordinator and Head of Year. They will issue them with a ‘Uniform Pass’ for an agreed period of time.

Support with uniform

We understand the last 18 months have been challenging for many reasons. The pastoral team will also look to support those families that need more help if they receive Free School Meals. If you do not receive free school meals but are struggling at the minute, we strongly recommend checking the link below. You may meet the criteria:


Belle’s Place also kindly offer support for school uniform, currently there are lots of trousers, several blazers available and PE Kit etc... Please see their website for contact details: Home - Belle's Place www.bellesplace.co.uk

Please contact Carol Parkin – 074000832207

If you need any uniform and are looking to purchase it, we recommend the following suppliers for branded items:

Pedlars – Pedlars Home Hardware Ilfracombe | Home Hardware www.pedlarsilfracombe.com Excel Embroidery - SCHOOLS | excel-embroidery www.excelembroidery.co.uk

Shirts Tucked In

To support students in looking and feeling smart we have a function on Class Charts to monitor that shirts are tucked in. We hope this encouragement will support students in keeping them tucked in.

Year 11

As a part of the transition into our sixth form this year, we are giving Year 11 the choice of wearing either a blazer or a logo branded school jumper from January onwards. They must wear one or the other when moving around the building. If Year 11 collectively can do this well over the spring term we will also consider rewarding them with non-uniform Fridays for charity. For this to happen, Year 11 uniform must be excellent from January onwards.

Concerns about the January return regarding uniform?

Our uniform policy is very similar to local schools and we have less ‘branded’ uniform to keep costs down for families. We understand that many of the highlighted concerns such as nose piercings and fake extended nails may need professional help to get removed. This will need to happen over the break.

If you have any concerns at all please get in touch with your child’s pastoral team. We would like to work on a solution with you so we can avoid negative conversations in school and focus on teaching, learning and developing character.

Kind regards,

Mr S Cronin

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