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Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

On 4 January 2021, the Prime Minister announced that exams in summer 2021 could not go ahead as planned. For this summer, in line with the guidance produced by Ofqual, JCQ and the awarding organisations, The Ilfracombe Academy has generated teacher-assessed grades for their students in each subject. These grades have been based on a range of evidence which has demonstrated the student’s performance on the subject content they have been taught.

To help students and parents/carers understand the process that The Ilfracombe Academy has followed, you will find below The Ilfracombe Academy Centre Policy. This outlines the Academy’s approach to assessment and quality assurance of teacher-assessed grades that have been awarded to students, based on the evidence that the students have produced.

You will also find the assessment records for different subjects and qualifications. These outline the sources of evidence that the subject departments have used to determine students’ grades. Teachers have shared these sources of evidence with the students in class.

The assessment records also include the rationale for each department’s choice of evidence and they indicate the level of control under which assessments were completed - High (H), Medium (M) or Limited (L) level of control. For example, exam-type conditions would provide a high degree of control.

A level students will collect their results on Tuesday 10th August and GCSE students on Thursday 12th August. The Information for Candidates also includes details of the appeals process and a list of the information that students will need to access prior to completing an appeal. The Centre Policy and the sources of evidence used to determine students’ grades are included on this list.

Paul Roberts

Deputy Head Teacher

The Ilfracombe Academy Centre Policy
Download DOCX • 131KB
A Level Subject Assessment Records
Download PDF • 796KB
AS Level Subject Assessment Records
Download PDF • 258KB
BTEC Subject Assessment Records
Download PDF • 410KB
GCSE Subject Assessment Records
Download PDF • 612KB
CamTec Subject Assessment Records
Download PDF • 403KB
Results information to candidates
Download DOCX • 204KB
Stage 1 - centre review
Download PDF • 234KB
Stage 2 - appeal to awarding organistation
Download PDF • 229KB

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