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Letter from the Headteacher - Striving to be even better

Dear Parents and Carers,

Another week comes and goes at the Ilfracombe Academy. The Year 10 and 12 students have now completed their mock exams and so we can at last we can start getting back to a normal service with all of our facilities being available again at social time. I’m pleased to say that the Year 11s had an amazing Prom and the Year 13 was equally amazing and very chilled out end of year celebration. Please below for more details.

We will be introducing a new registration system from Wednesday 6th July. This is to ensure that the start of the day is really consistent and to ensure that any uniform and equipment issues are sorted out at the start of registration so that the rest of the day runs smoothly no distractions. Please see below for full details.

We would also like parents and carers to complete a short survey which again is explained below.

This letter is rather lengthy but contains very important information as well as celebrating how our school has experienced ‘Life in all its Fullness’ this week. Please see some points below in readiness for the week beginning 4th July.

Mrs Phelps Funeral Arrangements

The school want to ensure that staff and students are able to pay their respects to Carol Phelps and so we will be closing the school on Monday 11th July. This means the buses will not be running that day. The funeral will take place at 12.30pm in Pip & Jim’s Church. The family realise that it is not practical for everyone to attend the service. However, they are really keen for the staff and a number of selected senior students to have the opportunity to pay their respects in the church. Those students being Carol’s Y11 Tutor Group, and the four Foodtech groups from both Y11 and Y10. Those students that would like to attend would need to be transported to the funeral and picked up afterwards by their parents. The family also ask those that are attending the service to please wear colourful clothes and be seated by 12.15pm. Any other students that would like to pay their respects can do by viewing Mrs Phelps as she travels to the Vison Centre and the Church. If students would like to do that, we encourage their parents to accompany them if needed to ensure they are safe. No students are invited to the wake unless they have been specifically invited by the family.

The Route to Pip & Jim’s Church (arrival at 12.30pm)

  • Mrs Phelps will leave A.D Williams at 11.45am and will arrive at the Vision Centre at 12.00 midday

  • Mrs Phelps will then leave the Vison Centre at 12.15pm and arrive at Pip & Jim’s church at 12.30pm

Parent/Carer Survey

We request that all Parents/Carers complete a short parental survey by 3.25pm on Tuesday 12th July. It will only take a few minutes but will be really useful in understanding your thoughts on our school. Please see the link below:


Registration Change

As of Wednesday 6th July we will be making a change to registration. We have high expectations of our students’ behaviour and their uniform and want to ensure that the start of day runs as smoothly as possible. As always, students must be in their designated space by 8.45am. This will allow the attendance register, Knowledge Organiser and uniform checks to be completed swiftly and for any inappropriate items to be confiscated. Confiscated items will be handed back to students on the first occasion, but parents and carers will be expected to collect them on the second occasion and every other occurrence after that.

If a student is not in correct uniform there will be three options offered: taking the opportunity to borrow clean spare uniform that will be numbered and signed for on each occasion; going home to change into correct uniform; spending the day in the removal room. Uniform passes will no longer be issued from 6th July. Uniform support will as ever be offered for anyone that needs it as long as they qualify for Free School Meals or Pupil Premium funding. If you need support with this, please contact the relevant pastoral co-ordinator.

KS4 students will have their registration in a central place which means that Year 10 will be registered in the Sports Hall. As year 9 will be moving into KS4 from September, they will register in St Christophers Hall from Wednesday. KS3 students and the ALPS groups will still have their tutor room where all the normal checks will be carried out. SLT will also carry out spot checks of two tutor groups each day in each KS3 year group by inviting students out onto the corridor to check their uniform. This will ensure that the rest of day runs smoothly and free of distractions so that the focus can be purely on teaching and learning. Once the checks have been completed, the students will carry on with their normal registration activities such as reading, reflection or assembly.

Registration/Tutor Time

  • Tutors in position at 8.40am to meet and greet any early arrivals and to commence checks

  • KS3 students enter through the student entrance and go straight to their tutor room. No lapping.

  • KS4 go straight to their registration area: Year 10 Sports Hall and Year 9 St Christophers Hall

KS4 Registration

  • Perfect straight tutor lines

  • No talking in registration after the whistle has blown at 8.45am

  • Head of Year gives clear daily messages

  • Uniforms and equipment are efficiently checked, resulting in every student in the correct uniform

  • Students stand with their Knowledge Organiser with the correct page displayed (Date and subjects labelled)

  • 8.48 - Tutor escorts students to tutor room and continues tutor activities

Social Time Change Academic Year 2022-23

The school will be introducing a new social time plan from September. The school is growing in popularity which in itself means we have more children in the building and it is a large campus. Breaktime will remain the same with Year 7 and 8 going up to the Beacon Bistro and all the other year groups going down to St Christophers Hall. However, we will be moving to a split lunch as we feel it will be a much better way of students to socialise with their peers in an enjoyable and safe environment. Year 7, 8 and 9 will go down to St Christophers Hall during Lunch A. If it’s dry, they will be expected to go outside to get some fresh air. If it is wet, then Year 8 and 9 will remain seated in St Christophers Hall and Year 7 will move back to their last classroom where they can socialise sensibly. Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 will go to St Christopher’s Hall during Lunch B. Year 12 and 13 will leave their period 4 lesson 5 minutes early to collect their food before moving to the common room. Year 10 and 11 will then come down to St Christophers Hall. If it is dry, they will be expected to go outside. If it's wet, they will remain in St Christophers Hall. We will be making some improvements to the site over the summer to ensure that the students have opportunities to play sport and run off any excess energy. Students that want to attend a specific extra-curricular club will be issued a corridor pass. This is to minimise disruption to lessons that will be ongoing throughout the day.

Split Lunch - Monday to Thursday

Split Lunch – Friday

House Information:

This week our House entertainment team organised a transition carousel of different activities including Tin Can Alley, 21, Detective Mystery and a Lemonade stall. A massive well done to all of the students who lead these very successful activities and the Year 6’s thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Upcoming Competitions and Events:

Sports days!

Ocean Awareness competition Launches Wednesday 7th July.

Art Competition launches Monday 5th July.

House Reward Film Tuesday 12th July

House Rewards Assembly Thursday 21st July

House Points Update:

Capstone: 3850

Hele: 3902

Lee: 3883

Watersmeet: 3813

On behalf of all the staff at The Ilfracombe Academy, I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family and friends.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Rogers


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