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Letter from the Headteacher | Half Term is Upon Us.

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been a really busy week with the GCSE and A-Level exams in full flow. We have been really pleased with the students’ hard work and focus in in the exam hall with the vast majority of student attending exam breakfasts. The exam invigilators have mentioned that the students’ conduct in the examinations has been exemplary which is really pleasing.

However, we are concerned that some students have been missing some lessons when they don’t have exams and we would like to remind students and their parents that we do not offer study leave. The best place for our students is in the classroom with their specialist teachers as it is a crucial part of their support and preparation. We want to see every student at the Prom but they need to uphold the very basic expectation of attending school and every exam. We are having conversations with individual students that need to improve their attendance in the last 3 weeks of the exams after the May half term break. The only exceptions to this rule are those students that are working with external support agencies such as CAMHS due to their mental health or some students with Special Educational Needs.

Johnny Garness – Further Superbike Success

Johnny Garness is having another amazing season on the track. Johnny is currently sitting at the top of the championship table for the British Talent Cup having had another successful weekend, this time at Donnington Park. This is in addition to him continuing to compete on the European circuit against the best U18s that Europe has to offer, let alone his own age group. Please see a link to the article below.


Girls’ Rounders

On Tuesday, we hosted our first rounders league night on Killacleave. These matches were our first of the season with 42 of our students taking part, meaning we were able to field full Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, and Year 10 teams. Every team showed great teamwork and courage throughout, with members of staff from other schools commenting on the politeness and high levels of respect shown to umpires and other teams by our students.

The Year 7 team showed fantastic levels of support and encouragement for each other through every game, which was great to see. The year 8 team demonstrated great teamwork when fielding and their catching and throwing skills were able to prevent big hitters from the opposition from scoring full rounders. The fantastic batting skills of the Year 9 team were clear to see and made them the top scoring team of the night overall, winning their games 9-5 and 9-2½ . Impressively, one ball was hit so far it landed out of the field! Finally, the Year 10 team were solid throughout their batting and fielding, only missing out on winning one of their matches by a half a rounder.

Players of the night were:

Year 7: Chloe and Freya for scoring the most points for the team overall.

Year 8: Rosie for scoring the most rounders in both games.

Year 9: Elsie for scoring a full rounder on nearly every hit.

Year 10: Paris for catching 3 players out in one game.

A great night was had by all and we are looking forward to the next game ⚾

Miss Nash, Mrs Norris and Mrs Tilley 👍

Exmoor Zoo

On Thursday 19th May, the science department took over 90 Year 8 students to Exmoor zoo. The weather seemed a little grey at the start of the day as we were waiting for the buses to arrive at the bus bay. Eventually, the buses arrived; the sun came out and when we were greeted at the zoo by the extremely knowledgeable zoo keeper, Steve. Everyone was excited for the day ahead. Students were lucky to receive talks and interactive experiences with a variety of animals including giant millipedes, stick insects, giant African snails and also had time to complete quiz sheets and worksheets as they explored all the excellent attractions and interesting flora and fauna at the zoo.

Some of our favourites included the Exmoor Beast, the cheetahs, the capybaras, tapirs, howler monkeys and the excellent variety of birds and cats. All those involved had a thoroughly enjoyable day out and a worthwhile learning experience. The Zoo staff were very impressed with the behaviour and conduct the of The Ilfracombe Academy students and commented as such to our staff at the end of the day. Congratulations to all those involved looking forward to another day out at the zoo next year.

Drama News

I am pleased to announce an exciting Stage Right production coming up.

‘Missing Dan Nolan’ is a powerful play being performed by a group of students from Y8-10 who are exploring Verbatim Theatre. They are already well into the swing of rehearsals and we look forward to presenting the production in the Drama Studio as part of the fringe week of Arts events in July.

Tickets will be on sale soon.

Mrs Kay

STEM Opportunities with TDK Lambda

Last Friday saw the first of three fantastic workshops with local business TDK Lambda. Our Year 9 students were tasked with designing and building a device to transport water safely and efficiently across the room. An engineering task aimed at developing students’ teamwork and problem solving proved a real success with a number of highly effective designs; a great competitive atmosphere and only minimal spillages and slipping over. We look forward to welcoming TDK back over the next two Fridays to work with more of our Year 9s.

On behalf of all the staff at The Ilfracombe Academy, I hope you all have a sunny and restful half term with your family and friends.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Rogers


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