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Letter from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I write each one of these Friday letters, I often hope and believe that things must and will be getting back to normal next week, and then the next week we have another unprecedented string of events. This week we have to commend the Year 11 and 13 students who have really knuckled down to their latest set of mock exams. However, staffing issues again meant that we had to send another year group home to access remote education from home. This time it was the turn of Year 9, who were held back from being sent home previously because they were completing their options process. This process was planned and communicated and implemented very quickly and we hoped this to be the end of the major challenges this week. That was until the news came through that Storm Eunice was looming. As you now know, we took the only safe option available to us by closing the school and asking all our students to engage in remote education via classcharts. Closing the school is never an easy decision and we did this after consulting with Devon County Council, Devon Transport, our Directors and other local school leaders. I have to say that judging by the large tree that is currently lying on my patio, it was a good decision to ensure that everyone remained safe.

As I write this letter, I do hope that everyone has remained safe and that the damage to your property is not too extensive. I once again would like to thank our students and staff for their resilience through adversity and hope that everyone enjoys a good break with their family and friends.

Romeo & Juliet Postponed to 24th and 25th of March

A negative point is that we had to postpone the Romeo & Julliet performances this week. The performances have been rescheduled but I must apologise for communicating the wrong dates to you. I can now confirm that the new dates will be Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of March. We look forward to the students showcasing their amazing talents again and urge anyone to purchase a ticket if they haven’t already done so.

Year 8 – Plastic Free North Devon

Year 8 have teamed up with the charity Plastic Free North Devon to explore our beautiful local area and learn how to care for it. The project involves students understanding environmental issues, both locally and nationally and learning new ways in which they can combat the usage of single use plastics and the detrimental impact it has on our land and animals. So far, students have showed our value of responsibility through beach cleans, they have investigated microplastics, explored the essential role that estuaries have in carbon sinking, learned about the shifting climate relating to higher temperatures, completed some PH soil testing, and even managed to enjoy some bird watching with a nice hot chocolate and flapjack. The project aims to educate our students and inspire them to become leaders in campaigns to protect and preserve our environment. We are incredibly proud of the number of students that are keen to get involved. The current project will run until Easter, and we will look to recruit new volunteers for the Summer Term. Well done Year 8!

(Miss Andrew Head of Year 8)

Covid Update

A positive at the end of the week is that the Covid cases amongst the student body have reduced significantly to single figures as the last day of isolation for a number of students was actually today. We hope that it stays the same for everyone and that our staffing levels improve after the break so that we can get back to a normal way of working after the holidays.

LFD Testing

Another batch of LFD tests were distributed to students yesterday before they went home and we urge everyone to carry on with the bi-weekly testing throughout the holiday. However, please do ensure that your child completes a test before they return to school on Monday 28th of February.

Once again, I hope that all our students, staff and parents have a really good break with their family and friends and that they are able to recharge their batteries in readiness for our return to school.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Rogers


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