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Important Message - Mrs. Carol Phelps

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is with great sadness that I have to share with you the news that one of our highly valued and long-serving teachers, Mrs Carol Phelps, passed away today. The thoughts of all of The Ilfracombe Academy community are with her family and friends.

Mrs Phelps worked at The Ilfracombe Academy for almost fourteen years. She was not only an enthusiastic Food Technology teacher but also a caring tutor who had the best interests of her students at heart. Over the years, Mrs Phelps touched the lives of many young people in our community, including many of our more vulnerable students, and we all appreciated her kindness and compassion.

Her passion for her subject, her capacity for caring for others and her lively sense of humour made her a valued colleague who was part of the fabric of this school and she will be greatly missed.

This news was shared with students this morning, so can I ask that families support their children both tonight and in the coming days.

The Ilfracombe Academy community will, in the near future, share some ideas around commemorating the life and work of Mrs Phelps. This is something we feel all students will want to be a part of as we pay tribute to her and the dedication she showed the school.

Your faithfully,

Steve Rogers


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