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Exam Attendance & Prom Passport

Dear Parents and Carers, we have nearly completed the first week of the GCSE exams. We have been pleased with the way the students have performed in the exams and hope that they are able to fulfil their full potential. We have received a few requests from parents and carers for their child to go hoke after exams. However, as a school we have not granted study leave for many years before the pandemic. This is because past experience shows that students are far more likely to achieve their full potential if they attend every curriculum lesson throughout the examination process when they do not have an exam. This is in line with the DfE statutory expectation that parents and carers ensure their child attends school everyday. This expectation is also in line with other local national secondary schools who have been following the same expiation for years. This will also ensure that your child is able to access high quality teaching and revision support with their specialist teachers before an exam. Once your child has finished any assessments in a subject then they will still be expected to attend those lessons where their teacher will ensure they can revise for other subjects in readiness for a forthcoming exam. This has been normal practice across the country for many years and only represents 3 more weeks until the examination are completed. The only exceptions to this rule would be those students with recognised Special and Disabilities (SEND) or students with recognised mental health where an external agency such as the Child and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) where a professional has advised that they should be supported under a reduced curriculum.

The students are also looking forward to a more relaxed time after the examinations and especially to the Prom. Please see a reminder r of the Prom passport that was communicated to parents by Mrs Tilley (Head of Year 11) in March.

We are pleased to announce that we have booked The Barnstaple Hotel for our Year 11 Prom on Friday 24th June.

We have designed a ‘Prom Passport’ for the year group and are expecting students to meet the criteria within this to secure their place.

A number of students have already improved their attendance and we have been having discussions with a few students to ensure that they meet all of the criteria. This is all based on our values and basic expectations that the students attend school, work hard to help them achieve their full potential, something that we all want for them. We hope that parents will support these clear and basic expectations. If parents have any questions, then please direct them towards Mrs Tilley, Mr Law or Mr Cochrane, but please do bare in mind that they will be following the same normal and clear expectations.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Rogers (Headteacher)

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