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Library Information

I’m pleased to inform you that the library and computer rooms are now officially back open again at break and lunchtime. I will also be extending the opening hours in the morning. Please see below our new opening times. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the library and computer rooms are for quiet reading and work from your knowledge organisers. There is also no food or drink allowed.


Opening hours

Monday 8.15 am-16.00 pm

Tuesday 8.15 am-16.30 pm

Wednesday 8:15-16.30 pm

Thursday 8:10-16.30 pm

Friday 8.15- 14:50 pm


Morning sessions before school are held just in the library for lower years, exchanging books or knowledge organiser work, or quiet reading. Year 11 and 6th form have access to the computer and library throughout library opening hours.


Coming soon…

From after half term we will be running a read your teachers height in books we have four teachers of varying heights, as a tutor group lets see how high you can read. Prizes are waiting! See here after half term for more details!

Book Reviews


My nan bought me this book trilogy for my 14th Birthday. I remember thinking I would never read them. Then a year later I took them on holiday with me and begrudgingly started The Fellowship Of The Ring. I read all 3 books in just one week; I just could not put them down. Tolkien writes so beautifully and makes completely fictionalised characters, languages and the world they live in seem so real and as if taken from a time period in history. The movies are fantastic of course, but I would recommend anyone to spend the time to read the incredible story of Middle Earth. You'll finish them quicker than you think!

'The Fellowship of The Ring'

Mr. Vale - Head of Drama

'Gone' series.

Clare King-Smith - Youth Worker

For World Book Day 2020, our Media students asked teachers about their favourite books and what reading meant to them.

Hear what Miss. Andrew, Mr. Colins, Mrs. Bassett and Mrs. Muggleston have to say to inspire our students.


Loan periods, and number of books

  • Books can be taken out for a period of two weeks at a time, if you wish to take a book out for longer, please speak to Mrs Lamerton.

  • You are allowed up to two books out at a time, if you are in year 7 or 8 one of these books needs to be an Accelerated Reader book at your personal level. Mrs Lamerton can help with this.

  • If you wish to take a book marked older teen then you will need to have a parental permission slip. Please see Mrs Lamerton for these.


How to take out a book

  • In order to take a book out, select your book from the shelf and bring to the desk where one of our friendly librarians will zap it out for you. If you are struggling to find one please ask and we can search for one for you

  • In order to return a book please come to the desk and hand it to one of the librarians. They will then zap it back in for you so it is no longer on your ticket.


Lost, damaged or overdue books

  • If you lose a book, or a book is damaged. Please do not worry. Come and speak to Mrs Lamerton. You will be asked to bring in a replacement book either the same title book or one that is a similar price.

  • There will be a charge of 2 pence a day for overdue books.


Library values

Courage: Students can show they have courage by choosing books that challenge them to look at things with a new perspective. It can also take courage to say that they enjoy reading when their peers might have a negative view of readers.


Responsibility: Students show responsibility when they take out a book, it is their responsibility to look after that book and own up if it is damaged or lost.


Respect: Students show respect by treating the library books and computer room equipment with respect but also treating the staff with respect.


Trust: students are trusted to look after the book they have on loan but also trusted to act responsibly in the computer rooms and in the library itself.

Library Rules

  1. No eating and drinking in the computer rooms or in the library itself is permitted.

  2. Computer rooms are for quiet study or Accelerated Reader quizzing only. Be prepared to prove that what you are doing has in fact been either set for homework or is part of your school work

  3. If you wish to use either computer room please sign in on the sheets located at the entrance to each computer room.

  4. Please treat the computer rooms, library, equipment and staff with respect

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