Great Results for Students at A Level and GCSE

Well done to our A Level and GCSE students on some great results this year.

At A Level the pass rate was between 98 and 99% again, with many subjects including History, Mathematics and Chemistry   achieving A*-B in over 50% of their grades.
Congratulations to our Year 13 students who are off to universities including Oxford, St Andrews, Reading, Exeter and many others. A particular mention to the following students for some amazing results:
Noah Turner: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths- all A* grades
Jacob Overney: Maths, Further Maths and Spanish- all grade A
April Jones: English Language A*, English Lit B History B
Isobel Wise: Art A*, History A* and English B
Chloe Harmer: Chemistry B, Maths A* and Physics A

 We look forward to seeing the vast majority of our Year 11 students returning to us in Year 12 in September. The Year group has made the best progress of any year group to date. A particular mention to Jasmine Currie Cathey who achieved an outstanding 13 A* grades and Jude Turner with 10 A* grades and 1 grade A and 1 grade B. There were many more outstanding results. Congratulations to the year group who have worked so hard and supported each other so well.

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