The Edge is a framework for secondary schools to develop and accredit in students attitudes, attributes and skills essential for employability and life.  Through a series of accredited tasks and activities (including target-setting and self-reflection) The Edge enables students to enhance their skills. 


The Edge / LORIC

At The Ilfracombe Academy we are always looking to improve; we want our pupils to achieve and strive to be the best they can be. The LORIC Edge programme will allow them to develop and be accredited for five key attributes which have been especially chosen for their formative qualities in character development as well as their desirability by employers.


What are the LORIC attributes?

  • Leadership

  • Organisation

  • Resilience

  • Initiative

  • Communication


This year students in year 8 are introduced to The LORIC Edge programme and log their activities and provide evaluations for each one. We hope this will encourage them to get involved in as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible both in and out of school.  Competition for University places and employment today is ever increasing and together we can help your child embrace this programme that will undoubtedly give them the Edge.


Information for Parents

There are numerous activities in which your child can be accredited for; from something as simple as helping to lead a warm up in PE lessons to organising a stall for the school summer fair. There are also many activities outside school which can be accredited.


As parents we invite you to be part of their unique journey; encourage your child to talk to you regularly about their progress and achievements with the LORIC Edge. As a School we will be rewarding pupils regularly for logging the most activities. We will also reward those pupils who show perseverance and true determination to complete activities each term. The House competitions each half term are also based around the attributes of LORIC.

If you are unsure about the LORIC Edge; how the programme runs or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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