Aim of the subject

The aim of Advanced Level law is to provide an academically challenging and contemporarily relevant course of study to complement other literacy-based level 3 courses. The course is AQA A level Law, including AS and full A level. The styles of teaching include teacher presentations, small group work and discussion; and individual tasks. Progression routes include to university and degree level; or entry level legal employment

Course Outline

Key Stage 5

Subject content includes:- At AS, parliamentary law making, criminal law / offences against the person and the courts, law of negligence (Tort). At A2, criminal law / property offences and the concepts of law.

Skills taught include accurate and quick-paced writing, explaining and analysing and evaluation. Assessment is through two written papers at AS in the summer of the first year; and two written papers in January and June of the second year. The AQA web site has a section devoted to the syllabus and past papers, with mark schemes.

For further information please contact Head of Department:
Keith Somerville

Useful Links and Supporting Documents

A set of student-friendly revision booklets of direct support to the examination topics are available from the department in printed form and also electronically.

An excellent text book produced by Nelson Thornes covers the specific topics of the AQA syllabus.

AQA Law link:-


Content Updated January 2017