Health and Social Care

Aims of the subject

The study of Health and Social Care aims to equip students with an understanding and insight into the world of social care and to develop some of the skills and attributes that could help them access a future career in the field.

The subject is not offered in Key Stage 3 but is available as an option in both Key Stage 4 and the Sixth Form.

Key Stage 4
Level 2 Cambridge National in Health and Social Care

During Year 10, students will complete 2 coursework units covering the areas of Communication and Child Development. They will consider communication methods, barriers to communication, ways to overcome barriers and personal qualities needed for effective care.  Students also undertake 2 separate role plays where they demonstrate effective communication in health and social care scenarios. Each coursework unit is worth 25% of the final mark.

In Year 11, students prepare for their written exam, worth 25% of the final mark. This includes learning about Essential Values of Care, Individual Rights, Legislation and Health and Safety considerations. The final unit is First aid, where students complete a mixture of practical and coursework written assignments to demonstrate their knowledge and application.

  • Grades awarded will be : PASS, MERIT , Distinction, Distinction *
  • These are equivalent to GCSE grades: C, B, A, A* respectively.

Career Path

This course is designed for students seeking employment in a range of health and social care professions such as:
Social work, child care, elderly care work, nursing, teaching, physiotherapy and many more.


At the end of Year 11, there is an opportunity, for students to progress onto the Level 3 Health and Social Care course, to gain the Cambridge Extended Certificate worth the equivalent of one A level.

Year 10

Unit RO22 – Communication Year 10 Internal coursework
Unit RO28 – Child development Year 10 Internal coursework

 Year 11

Unit RO21 – Written exam paper Year 11 Exam (1 hrs)
Unit RO31 –First Aid Year 11 Internal coursework


Key Stage 5
Sixth Form Cambridge Tech Level 3 Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

Year 12

Unit 1 – Building positive relationships in Health & Social Care Internal coursework
Unit 2 – Equality, diversity and rights in Health & Social Care Exam (1hr 30)
Unit 3 – Health, safety and security in Health & Social Care Exam (1hr 30)

Year 13, students currently study

Mandatory unit

Unit 4 – Anatomy and physiology for Health & Social Care – Exam (2 hrs)

Optional units

Unit 10 – Nutrition for health – Internal coursework

Unit 13 – Sexual health, reproduction and early development stages – Internal coursework

Skills developed include research and communication skills; analysis and evaluation; IT skills; presentation skills; teamwork; and the ability to work to deadlines.

For more information contact the subject leader:

Mrs Ruth Hill


Content updated September 2018