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The Ilfracombe Academy has maintained the Quality in Careers Standard for over 15 years, we are committed to providing high quality impartial careers advice and guidance to all pupils

The Ilfracombe Academy is very proud to have maintained and kept the Investor in Careers Award, which recognises excellence in this area of work, since 1998.  Achieving the Award reflects our strong commitment to provide impartial, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance to all young people.


We cater for the needs of students in a variety of ways, delivering specific careers lessons through the PCRE programme, providing support and information within the tutorial programme and individual subject areas at key points, and complementing these with a wide range of additional opportunities for students to gather further information, and receive impartial advice and guidance as well as extend their understanding and experience.

Mr. Richard Vale - Schools Career Lead.

Key Stage Three

Students follow a scheme of work designed to encourage the students to develop skills of career management and career exploration, as well as being able to reflect on and plan for their own self-development.  Topics include reviewing transition from Primary to Secondary school; looking forward and action planning; “The Real Game” (a series of classroom-based lessons developed to help students learn more about the opportunities and career pathways); employment law relating to young people and focused information, support and advise during the Options Programme when considering career routes at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage Four

The program of work in Years 10 and 11 has a strong emphasis on developing the skills required to enter the world of work and exploring the various career paths available to students in the future. Year 10 undertake their work experience in the summer term.  Students take responsibility for finding a suitable placement with the support of their tutors.  Tutorial activities and assemblies are delivered at key times throughout Year 10 to help students prepare for and make the most of their placement, and to review their learning afterwards.  In Year 11 students investigate the range of opportunities in the Sixth Form, at Further Education colleges and through Apprenticeships.


Sixth Form

As the majority of our Sixth Form students’ progress on to Higher Education, most of the work done in the Sixth Form centres around research into universities, HE courses, and the completion of the UCAS application.  There are organised trips to university open days, visiting speakers, tutorial sessions and workshops.  Students are also encouraged to attend university Open Days independently. Parents are engaged in the process and are invited to attend sessions put on in the evening.    For those students not progressing to HE work is done on delivering information on apprenticeships;  putting together CV’s and covering letters;  and decision making about their next steps. 


Special Events

Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in visits to universities and further education establishments, attend workshops and events organised by employers, and access careers software and websites.  Two major events in the Academy’s calendar are:


Next Steps Day

The Ilfracombe Academy holds an annual Next Steps Day in the autumn term which is attended by a wide range of employers and education providers.  This event provides the opportunity for Year 9, 10, 11 and the Sixth Form to access invaluable information on a wide variety of career paths at transition points in their own careers.


You’re Hired!

You’re Hired! is an event organised by The Ilfracombe Academy in collaboration with a wide range of local business’s.  The aim of the day is to help students understand and develop the skills and attitudes required to be more successful when job seeking.  Workshops on CV writing, creating positive first impressions, interview techniques, working in a team, gaining experience and recognising transferable skills are led by more than 20 local business people who share their expertise with the students and encourage them to understand how they can make themselves more employable in the future.



Children are allowed to work part-time from the age of thirteen.  However, their employment is only legal if the employer registers them as working with the Local Authority who will issue a work permit.

The employment of children of compulsory school age is therefore regulated by law to protect the children from being employed late at night, for too many hours, or at work that puts the safety, health, education or well being of the child at risk. The work permit also ensures that the child is covered by the employer’s public liability insurance.


No employment should impede the education of a child

Guide to employment


The Impact of our Careers Programme

Our Careers Programme is bespoke to the pupils needs and includes very specialist events, as a result we meet most of The Gatsby Benchmarks and all of our pupils go on to employment, education or training.  However we still continuously reflect on our practice to make improvements, this includes using the Compass Careers Tool, evaluating the impact of every event, conducting pupil voice activity’s and gaining feedback from employers and providers.  Every three years we also submit evidence to re-new our Investors in Careers mark, this is nationally recognised and shows a commitment to careers education, impartial advice and guidance.

Where can you find out more information?


If you would like to know more about Careers and work related learning in school or if you are an employer or provider, and would like to know more then , get in touch with Richard Vale, Head of Careers – to get involved.


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