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If you got 90% in a quiz or test you would probably think you had done well? In terms of school attendance however, the Government identifies students with attendance below 90% as persistent absentees. The average attendance rate for secondary age students is 95% with many achieving 100% attendance.

The reason we become concerned when a student’s attendance falls towards 90% is that there is a direct and proven link between attendance and attainment in school. Students who miss 10% of schooling do not achieve their potential, fall behind with work and make less progress than those whose attendance is good. They find it very difficult to catch up with work they have missed, often have poorer social relationships and some have increased behaviour problems.

If you find yourself receiving repeated letters about your child’s attendance it is because we place a high value on your child’s education and want them to do as well as they can, to reach their full potential and to be happy in school. I’m sure this is what you want for your child as well.

Below you will see a graph showing the exam results for a previous year. It clearly shows that those students with attendance rates below 85% achieved far fewer GCSE’s at grades A to C than those with regular attendance.



The news is full of reports about high unemployment rates for 16 to 23 year olds. Many of those will be young people with few or no qualifications. Don’t let that happen to your child. Make sure they attend school regularly and are ready to learn.


Clive Robins

Home School Liaison


Absence from School

To request absence from school in exceptional circumstances please download and complete the form below. The form should then be given to your child’s pastoral co-ordinator to be assessed.

Term-time absence


Students should attend regularly and full time in order to maintain a good level of progress and achievement. Breaks in a student’s attendance can be damaging and they may find it hard to catch up with missed work. Furthermore, the Government has advised that schools are no longer able to authorise requests for absence in order to take a family holiday unless such exceptional circumstances require it.


We therefore advise parents/carers that requests for absence during term time will only be authorised if there are exceptional circumstances that apply at the time.

However, the school recognises that it works in a context that is dominated by seasonal contracts and tourism. The school will therefore look at holidays sympathetically during term time if there are exceptional circumstances. 


Additional factors will be taken into account when considering exceptional circumstances:


  • Where a holiday has explicit educational purpose, the school will also look on these trips sympathetically as long as the child’s attendance is 98% or above when the holiday request is received.

  • The student’s attendance record (No absence will be authorised for students whose attendance is below 95%

  • The time of year - we will not authorise absence in the first half of the Autumn term (Sept/Oct)

  • The student’s year group (We will not authorise term time absence for students in years 10 and 11)   


Parents/carers should complete an S2 Term Time Absence request form IN ADVANCE and return it to school for consideration.

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