Title Surname First Name(s) Department(s) Role(s)
Mrs. Addie Stephanie Administration Office Manager
Mr. Alvarez Gareth English, Media Teaching Staff
Miss. Andrew Megan Physical Education, Cover Teaching Staff
Mrs. Aspinall Sarah History Teaching Staff
Mr. Baker Tim Music Head of Music, Teaching Staff
Mrs. Ball Carmel SEN SENCO
Mr. Ball Gary Design Technology Head of DT, Teaching Staff
Miss. Banagan Marie SEN HLTA
Mrs. Bassett Sue Administration Receptionist
Mr. Beesly Nick Geography, History Head of History/Geography, Teaching Staff
Mr. Birkmyre Ralph Cover Head of Year , Teaching Staff
Miss. Bouchet Angelique Modern Foreign Languages Teaching Staff
Mrs. Bracher Elaine Library Librarian
Miss. Brailey Jo Student Services Pastoral Co-ordinator
Ms. Brisbourne Nikki Student Services Student Services Administrator, Attendance
Mrs. Broome Sophie Administration Administration Assistant
Miss. Bullamore Zoe PCRE Teaching Staff
Mrs. Burt Robyn SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss. Capner Amy Student Services Youth Worker
Mrs. Cheetham Gemma Art Teaching Staff
Mrs. Clarke Beki Administration Access Co-ordinator
Miss. Clarke Sianna Mathematics Head of Year, Teaching Staff
Mr. Clewer Matt Science Teaching Staff, Head of House
Mrs. Clinch Aggie Student Services Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mr. Clinch Dave SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss. Collinge Vicky PCRE Teaching Staff
Mr. Collins Toby SLT, Geography Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form
Mr. Colwill Dan Science Teaching Staff
Mrs. Cook Helen Catering Kitchen Assistant
Mrs. Cooper Abby Music Teaching Staff
Ms. Cooper Kay Modern Foreign Languages Teaching Staff
Mr. Cooper Mat Mathematics Head of Maths, Teaching Staff
Mrs. Covill Cindy Student Services Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mr. Cronin Steve Design Technology Head of Year , Senior Teacher
Mr. Dark James Music Teaching Staff
Miss. Davies Sabrina English 2nd in English, Teaching Staff
Mr. Denyer Gavin ICT Senior Technician
Mrs. Dickenson Sarah Student Services Pastoral Co-ordinator (Year 12 & 13)
Miss. Drury Pauline Catering Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Evans Kate PCRE Teaching Staff
Mrs. Ferris Barbara SEN Specialist Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Fishenden Jacqui Student Services Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mrs. Gibson Carol English Teaching Staff
Mrs. Glover Judith Learning Support Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr. Godber Pete Mathematics Teaching Staff
Mrs. Golding Kathryn Food Technology Food Technician
Mr. Hadfield Matthew Science Teaching Staff, Head of House
Mrs. Halliwell Mary Catering Kitchen Assistant
Ms. Harts Melanie Science Teaching Staff
Mr. Hernandez Garcia Jose Modern Foreign Languages Head of Department, Teaching Staff
Mrs. Higgins Jeanette Catering Kitchen Assistant
Miss. Hill Gemma SEN Specialist Teaching Assistant
Mr. Hill Graham SLT Deputy Headteacher,Teaching Staff
Mrs. Hill Ruth Health & Social Care Head of Year, Senior Teacher
Miss. Holman Margaret Administration Health & Safety, School Visits Co-ordinator
Ms. Holroyd Camilla SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Humphrey Joy Mathematics Teaching Staff
Mrs. Humphries Hilary English Teaching Staff
Mrs. Irwin Chris Catering Assistant Kitchen Manager
Mr Isaac Neil SEN HLTA
Mr. Jackson Colin Media Technician
Mr. James Brett Science Teaching Staff, Outdoor Education
Mrs. Jefferies Karen SEN Specialist Teaching Assistant
Miss. Kennedy Lorraine English Teaching Staff
Miss. Lamb Michelle SEN Teaching Assistant
Mr. Lawton Jeff Art Head of Art, Teaching Staff
Mrs. Lawton Sarah Art Teaching Staff
Ms. Lindsay Charlotte SEN Teaching Assistant
Mr. Marks Peter Mathematics Teaching Staff
Mrs. Marshall Sharon SLT Headteacher
Mr. Marston Ed History 2nd in History/Geography,Teaching Staff
Mr. Matthews Joe PCRE SIAMS Lead, Teaching Staff
Miss. Maughan Laura Art Teaching Staff
Mr. Mawson Matthew Mathematics 2nd in Maths, Teaching Staff
Mrs. McCarthy Julie SLT, Administration Business Manager
Mr. McDonald Philip English Teaching Staff
Miss. Middlecote Paula Science Technician
Miss. Minton Mary History Teaching Staff
Miss. Moffat Rosie Design Technology Teaching Staff, Outdoor Education
Mrs. Mugleston Julie Support Cover Supervisor, Careers
Miss. Munn Stephanie SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss. Nias Laura Administration Clerk To Governors, Headteacher’s Personal Assistant
Mrs. Norris Lisa Physical Education Teaching Staff
Mr. O’Sullivan James Physical Education Teaching Staff, Head of House, SSCO
Mrs. Packer Sarah Catering Kitchen Assistant
Ms. Parker Linda SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Penrose Judy Art, Library Art Technician,Librarian Assistant
Mrs. Phelps Carol Design Technology Teaching Staff
Mr. Popham Tom Mathematics Teaching Staff
Mrs. Rees Kate Geography Teaching Staff
Mrs. Rendells Sally Administration General Assistant
Mrs. Richards Michelle SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Riddell Penny Support Cover Supervisor
Mr. Roberts Paul SLT, History Deputy Head , Teaching Staff
Mr. Robins Clive Student Services Educational Welfare Officer
Mrs. Shobbrook Claire Administration Student Outcomes Assistant
Mr. Slee David Physical Education Head of PE, Teaching Staff
Mr. Sparks Alan Mathematics Teaching Staff
Mrs. Stamp Lorraine SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss. Stannard Emma Drama Teaching Staff
Miss. Stearn Natasha Science Teaching Staff
Ms. Steward Ruth Design Technology Technician, STEM Co-Ordinator
Mr. Stringer Karl Student Services Schol Nurse
Mr. Taylor David Modern Foreign Languages Teaching Staff
Ms. Thompson Katherine Art Teaching Staff
Mr. Thompson Mark Catering Kitchen Manager
Mrs. Thorne Stacey Catering Kitchen Assistant
Mrs. Tilley Julia Physical Education Teaching Staff
Mr. Tilley Rupert Physical Education Head of Year, Teaching Staff
Mrs. Tod Suzanne Student Services Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mrs. Townsend Sarah SEN Teaching Assistant
Mr. Twomey James SLT, Science Assistant Headteacher, Teaching Staff
Mr. Vale Richard Drama Head of Drama Teaching Staff
Mr. Waghorn Barry Administration Exams Officer
Mrs. Waghorn Hannah Geography, History Teaching Staff
Mrs. Walker Mel Student Services Student Services Administrator
Ms. Walsh Angela English School Improvement Leader, Teaching Staff
Ms. Ward Cressida Administration Marketing and Communications Officer
Mrs. Wheatley Nicola Administration Administration Assistant
Mr. Whitney Rob ICT Head of Year, Teaching Staff
Mr. Whormsley Jonathan Administration Finance Officer
Mr. Willetts William Science Science Technician
Mr. Wilson James Science Teaching Staff
Ms. Winterford Angela English Teaching Staff
Mr. Wright Gary Learning Support Specialist Teaching Assistant
Mr. Yearsley Andrew Science 2nd in Science, Teaching Staff
Miss. Young Lorna Support Cover Supervisor, Head of House

New School Year:  Wednesday 5th September:  Year 7, 11 and 12 in school. Thursday 6th September:  All year groups in school.