Main Contacts

Senior Leadership Team    
Title Surname First Name Role Email
Mr. Collins Toby Assistant Headteacher
Mrs. Marshall Sharon Headteacher
Mrs. McCarthy Julie Business Manager
Mr. Roberts Paul Deputy Headteacher
Mr. Rogers Steve Deputy Headteacher 
Mr. Twomey James Assistant Headteacher
Heads of Department
Title Surname First Name Role Email
Mr. Baker Tim Head of Music
Mr. Ball Gary Head of Design Technology
Mr. Beesly Nick Head of History/Geography
Miss. Bullamore Zoe Head of PCRE 
Mr. Cooper Matt Head of Mathematics 
Mr. Hadfield Matt Lead in Physics
Ms. Harts Melanie Lead in Biology
Mr. Hernandez Garcia Jose Head of MFL 
Mr. Lawton Jeff Head of Art
Ms. Markham Gemma Head of PE
Mr. Vale Richard Head of Drama
Mrs. Walsh Angela Head of English
Mr. Yearsley Andrew Lead in Chemistry
Heads of Year
Title Surname First Name Role Email
Mrs. Clarke Sianna Head of Year 7
Mr. Collins Toby Head of Sixth Form
Mr. Cronin Steve Head of Year 11 
Mrs Ruth Hill Head of Year 8
Mr. Tilley Rupert Head of Year 10
Mr. Whitney Rob Head of Year 9