House System

What is a House System?

A house system is when a school allocates the students into different groups; each group is a ‘House’. Here at The Ilfracombe Academy we have taken inspiration from our Art specialism and have four Houses named after famous artists: Dali, Michelangelo, Picasso and Da Vinci.

The aim of the new House system is to encourage team motivation and to ensure all students aspire to achieve as fully rounded young people, both inside and outside of the Ilfracombe academy.

Students will have a sense of ownership for their House and we aim to provide a wide range of events including sporting and cultural to promote teamwork and a community spirit.

What are the Aims of the House System?

To develop a sense of community and inclusion for all students whilst incorporating our seven core values of  Hope, Kindness, Courage, Integrity, Trust, Respect and Responsibility.

How does the House System Work?

The house system will filter through all aspects of The Ilfracombe Academy life. All parts of the school will use the house system to raise achievement and aspirations. This will be achieved through activities such as:

Sports Day
Inter house competitions in all subjects
Attendance competitions
Rewards competitions
Behaviour competitions
Social events and trips
Lesson activities

House assemblies are held every half term. During these assemblies, the team ethos is developed and achievement is celebrated. Make sure to check the student bulletin for up to date information on current house activities.