6th Form - Advice

At the Ilfracombe Academy we pride ourselves on the support and community that the Sixth Form provides. We realise that the jump from GCSEs to Sixth Form is a daunting one and ensure that every student is given the support that they require, both pastorally and academically.


Head Boy

I have thrived on the extra-curricular opportunities made available to me in the 6th form

Pastoral Support


Student welfare is our number one concern in the Sixth Form and we have a wide range of support available to our students including the Head of Sixth Form, the Pastoral Co-ordinator, Nurse, Youth Workers, Counsellors, and access to other agencies. They ensure that students are well advised and flourish in a well-protected atmosphere of equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion.


On top of that, students are assigned to a tutor who they see for twenty minutes every morning. Tutor time is an essential first base where students receive information and support during their time in Sixth Form. Tutors have an excellent knowledge of their students and can monitor their welfare as well as providing advice on interviews, university applications and career choices.


Tutors will contact parents and are the first point of contact for parents with any concerns about student progress or welfare.


Academic Support

We realise that many students find the jump from GCSEs to Sixth Form academically challenging, especially the transition to greater independent learning.


The tutor system helps prepare students for independent learning by supporting students with their study skills and personal organisation. Extra support is provided by departments to help students adjust to independent work in their subjects.


On top of that, all tutors and teachers monitor the progress of their students, both in terms of attainment and homework. The Head of Sixth Form regularly monitors progress and has a range of strategies to ensure that students make the very best of their potential. Where there is a concern about a student’s progress or homework parents will be informed.


Where a student requires particular learning support that will also be provided including, where necessary, support from a classroom assistant, extra work experience, small group work with a specialist teacher, Special Needs support and appropriate access arrangements for exams.


Next Steps Guidance and Support

Every student who attends the Sixth Form will receive the following support to help them prepare for their next steps:


  • Regular assemblies on opportunities in Higher Education and Modern Apprenticeships

  • A tutor programme consisting of detailed careers guidance and support with applications

  • Visits to Plymouth University and opportunities to visit Bristol, Cardiff and Falmouth University.

  • Support for any student desiring to attend alternative University Open days.

  • Visit to the National UCAS exhibition showcasing every University in the UK

  • Engagement with ‘Widening Participation’ schemes from several leading universities

  • Personal Statement and Student Finance Workshops

  • Visit to the National Apprenticeship Show showcasing many national and local apprenticeship opportunities

  • The Next Steps Day advertising many opportunities from local and national employers and apprenticeships

  • Careers Advice workshops

  • Careers Advice Interviews from CSW (external provider)