500 Words Story Writing Competition

At The Ilfracombe Academy, the English department has run a 500 word writing competition in line with the BBC Radio 2 competition. The competition was open to Years 7 and 8 and pupils across both year groups were involved and writing! Many of our students are budding writers  and the task has really built confidence in writing ability and in reading literature amongst our students. We now believe that anybody can write a story! The aim  of the competition is to be as original and engaging as possible and to keep to the 500 word limit. To get inspired we have thought about the world differently and posed ‘What if…?’ questions in order to come up with an original setting and situation for our stories. We have explored turning something every day into something highly extraordinary, which we have found a lot of fun, and ways to subvert the reader’s expectations. We hope you enjoy our winning entry by Bailey Alcock in Year 8, we guarantee it will make you smile!

Click here to read ‘The Smooth Escape’

Bailey Alcock







Bailey with English Teachers Mr McDonald and Miss Davies